“PowerToShare: Join the movement”

TOBLOCKCHAIN is a Dutch blockchain information firm. TOBLOCKCHAIN is developing the disruptive software platform, called PowerToShare for accelerating transition to new energy world. Our mission is to make the future energy system profitable, achievable and accessible to the European prosumers and businesses. Today, PowerToShare software platform includes five decentralized applications (one example being peer-to-peer energy sharing) running on top of blockchain network and a multi-actor marketplace for sustainable products and services.

TOBLOCKCHAIN is the winner of Energy Track at Dutch Blockchain Hackathon in 2017 and special prizewinner at ABN Amro Hyperledger Hackathon in 2016. The company was also invited to present PowerToShare at the prestigious Dubai Global Blockchain Challenge in 2017. Together with ENGIE, TU Delft, The Green Village and Blocklab, TOBLOCKCHAIN is developing the PowerToShare software platform in the Rotterdam region. In addition, with DNV GL and Gasunie are working on PowerToShare community project in the Groningen region.


A simple, easy to use and powerful Mandate solution using Blockchain across multiple parties. For Data Privacy and GDPR compliance across entire value chain. Using TOBLOCKCHAIN MANDATE, users have complete overview and control on who has access to their data and for what purpose.  MANDATE demo is available on request.


TOBLOCKCHAIN INSIGHT brings new customers onboard using IoT and Data Analytics for over the top trusted data sources available at the edges of value chain. It offers beautiful, simple and powerful user interface to the users. Creates trust through better insights.


  • Actual overview of real time consumption data.
  • Forecasts of consumption data.
  • User profile.


A simple, easy to use and powerful P2P solution using both public and private Blockchain networks. This building block creates foundation for P2P trading platform. Using TOBLOCKCHAIN Peer-to-Peer, users have control on sharing value with friends and family. In addition, users have the opportunity to donate value to people who need the most.


TOBLOCKCHAIN PROOF OF ORIGIN offers secure validation and proof of the source of origin for any commodity. This means

  • Lower costs in commodity traceability.
  • Single source of trust across the value chain.
  • Ability to certify the quality of commodity.
  • Fully functional provenance across time, location, source and entities.

To see these products in action look at Power to Share