“Co-creating value across Business Networks with Blockchain.”

Blockchain Innovation and Strategy Workshop

During this workshop (one-day) we enable our clients to understand which Blockchain use cases, technologies, and trends are relevant. A better understanding of the evolving blockchain ecosystem is the critical first step to leveraging this powerful technology. Innovation and Strategy Workshops can help you translate your newfound understanding of blockchain into concrete actions, which in turn can expand your competitive advantages.

Blockchain Idea Generation and Design Workshops

During this workshop, dozens of blockchain use case ideas are generated together to support the definition of a blockchain strategy and identify initial steps for implementation. By bringing together team members from different departments, such as IT, Legal, and Business, we establish a mutual understanding of challenges and opportunities.

Identify potential solutions for specific business challenges. This workshop will help you understand how different Blockchain solutions can reduce costs, enhance profits, and improve your competitive position

Together, we will:

  • Identify workflow improvements that incorporate blockchain solutions.
  • Evaluate of the qualitative and quantitative impacts of proposed investments.
  • Assess security and privacy requirements pre-emptively.
  • Facilitate or partner with blockchain start-ups that align with your specific needs
  • Build prototypes to model blockchain processes and services.

Blockchain Innovation Labs

TOBLOCKCHAIN offers Blockchain Innovation Labs to customers with rapid prototyping and evaluation capabilities. Customers can launch Blockchain pilot projects to prove business value using auto-provisioned and ready to use Blockchain networks. The Blockchain Innovation Labs is currently available for experimentation purposes only and is not intended for production ready environments.


Blockchain Strategy Execution

After strategy, idea generation and design workshop, clients are ready to execute and improve business strategies by implementing blockchain solutions. This means

  • Design and build effective systems, on time and on budget.
  • Architect distributed, real-time systems capable of processing extremely high volumes of requests.
  • Create elegant graphic user interfaces to ensure engaging user experiences.
  • Integration of blockchain technologies seamlessly into existing infrastructure.
  • Provide ongoing training and support for any of our comprehensive solutions

We cover organisational aspects, people, process and technology including cyber security, national, regional and consumer privacy laws. Our experienced blockchain business architects and consultants work together with your management, IT, and business to point out the opportunities of becoming a blockchain enterprise. Besides optimising existing processes, we also support your organisation in developing new products and propositions in an agile way. Typically, we would bring together multidisciplinary teams and develop initial proof of concepts. Proof of concepts, with a proven business value, can then be developed into products that add value to your business.

Our track record includes helping

  • European energy company in capturing new business value using Blockchain across several business areas.
  • Government organisation with Blockchain proof of concepts .
  • Helping global SCM company in building secure trust network across Transport, Logistics, Inland Services and Warehousing.
  • Training engineering and software developers for large enterprise customers.